Finding a flat in York

find a flat in york

York is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit in the United Kingdom, if not the world. It is the rich history along with the haven of amazing tourist attractions that have left the eyes of many in splendor and the minds of thousands in awe.

It is one of the perfect places to stay and enjoy your holiday whether it is with your family or you alone. It is also one of the best romantic spots for lovers who wish to create unforgettable memories together.

It is one of the most interesting places here on earth and you will never regret spending a few of your moments in its midst.

Top Reasons To Visit York

There are hundreds of reasons why you should not hesitate to come and visit this exciting historical and magical city in England yet the following reasons are enough to convince you to plan your stay very soon!

Yorks central location makes it an ideal base for exploring other places in UK which includes Newcastle, Leeds, Edinburgh, London and the different vibrant castles located in England. Many tourists choose to stay in this lovely area because they are easily connected to other famous tourist destinations thanks to the railway.

Tourist Destinations

York is place where you meet with the past and see the future. It is filled with historical traces of the past including the time of the Vikings and the Roman Empire. Some of the ideal places which make this place eternally famous are the following:

The Jorvik Viking Center

Jorvik Viking Center in York

This attraction will transport you back during the time of the Vikings. You will be given the opportunity to see the actual lives of the Vikings, see the Viking age town, and experience the sound, taste and smell of Viking life which will never be offered to you in other places.

York Minster

York Minster

This is considered the biggest medieval building in England and immediately connects you to the era where bishops, kings, queens, knights are the supreme ruler of the land. You will have a glimpse of the lifestyle of this era through the underground crypt and museum which is opened to the public in specific hours.

Clifford Tower

Clifford Tower in York

This is another historical building which shows the architectural prowess of the Europeans. It was built by William the Conqueror in the year 1069 but was destroyed in a fire nevertheless through the initiative of King Henry III it was once again built in the year 1945.


Aside from these tourist destinations, you will never experience an idle time in York because of the exciting things it is willing to offer you which includes one of the following:

Boat Trip

Open top bus in York

You should never leave this place without taking a ride at the River Ouse. Your trip will begin from the Lendal Bridge which is more famously called by many as the Kings Staith. It will give you a splendid view of this historical city while giving you the much needed relaxation brought by the cool breeze coming from the countryside.

Open Top Double Decker Bus

Yorks famous open top bus

You may have seen the famous open top double decker bus in many European movies but this is one of the most economical ways to spend your holidays in York. It gives you a less expensive way of seeing the historical buildings of the city together with some of its major tourist attractions with just a single bus ticket that will give you a ride for the entire day.

Long Walks

York city walls

The long walk in York is one of the most unforgettable experiences you will ever have. Couples will certainly appreciate it but even singles will enjoy it. The City Walls is one of the most famous destinations for these types of activity. It is a wall build between the 13th and 14th century and is still stands firmly until today. It has been loaded with different types of inns which includes the Black Swan and a pub which contains the remains of an ancient Roman Bath in its cellar which is an experience you should definitely not miss.

The Souvenir Stores

York shopping in the shambles

You should never forget to drop by the Shambles Street and grab a souvenir or two as remembrance of this wonderful trip. It is considered as one of the most visited streets in England because of the variety of restaurants, shops and ghost tours offered by many of its citizens. It is a fun way of ending your long trip here in this wonderful city.

How to Find the Perfect Flat to Rent in York

find a flat in york

The reasons above alone should be sufficient enough to convince you to stay in the midst of York for quite some time. If you do intend to rent a flat in York, then we best recommend that you use an experienced letting agent to find the perfect flat that will suit your preferences.

The Economical Advantages of Flats and Apartments

Flat rentals are highly recommended for tourists who have not the intention of residing in the area for a long period of time. Since most of the visitors in York have this intention, it is more advisable for them to look for the perfect flat which will accommodate their needs.

Reduced Insurance Cost and Maintenance Fees

You will save more money if you rent flats and apartments rather than houses in York because you will have reduced insurance costs and will not have to be concerned about repair and maintenance.

Average Flat and Apartment Prices in York

As at July 2011 the average prices of flats in York are as follow:

  • 1 bed unfurnished – £500 to £650
  • 1 bed furnished – £575 to £700
  • 2 bed unfurnished – £600 to £800
  • 2 bed furnished – £750 to £900
  • 3 bed unfurnished – £850 to £1000
  • 3 bed furnished – £950 to £1100
  • 4 bed + unfurnished – £950+
  • 4 bed + furnished – £1100

However, these figures may vary depending on additional amenities and features such as whether the flat is already furnished, or includes any water and energy bills for example.

Advantages of Renting Flats through a Letting Agent

If you want to find the best flats in York that will suit your needs, then you are better off doing this through an experienced letting agency. It can be quite difficult to find cheap flats in York because of the increased demand in the market, especially if you intend to visit the place during high peak season but doing transactions with a certified letting agency will help you eliminate issues such as overpriced flats or unreasonable landlords.

Some other benefits they can provide you with are as follow:

  1. Protection

    We are living in a dangerous world and there are many syndicates who only wish to deceive others, especially tourists like you. Letting agents will help you carry out the necessary legal paperwork and requirements in accordance with the law.

  2. Insurance

    Most letting agencies are insured which gives you better guarantee that you will be fully covered in case you encounter any problems like serious leak or heating break down that is the landlord fails to address.

  3. Good Communication

    The least that you would wish to happen in your lease is a landlord who suddenly disappears in the middle of a contract. Letting agents invest in a good relationship with their clients. It is their way of attracting more clients in the future as their reputation depends on good relationships so it is in their interest to resolve any repairs or maintenance requested by the tenant.

  4. Easy Payment Methods

    It is easier and more convenient to pay your rent through letting agents. It can be done through direct debit or you can have the agent visit you every month. Nevertheless, it is more convenient for everyone if you can have payment done through direct debit.

  5. Peace of Mind

    This is priceless! You want to have a safe and peaceful shelter and with letting agents handling the legal paperwork and any issues for you there is no reason why you can’t make this a reality. You move in with very few problems and move out without any worries at all.

Common Questions You Should Ask your Letting Agency

It is always wise to arrive earlier before a scheduled flat visit. This will give you sufficient time to check the surroundings, possibly chat with the previous tenants or neighbours, and other notable features which will be very relevant in your final decision whether to rent the flat or not.

The rest of the questions like the ones listed below may be addressed once you have seen the place.

  1. Are the bills included in the rental fees? There are instances wherein the landlord offers a lower rate but he or she transfers the burden of shouldering all the utility expenses which may include the gas, electrical and water bills, and even council tax.
  2. Are all the parts of the flat in good working condition? Are the windows double glazed? Does it have a good fit? These are essential conditions you should be conscious about because you do not want a disrupted sleep once you have stayed in the flat. You would very much want to enjoy a long and sound sleep after a good tour around York and not be dismayed because of this inconvenience.
  3. Does it have a regular serviced modern boiler? You don’t want to freeze simply because you failed to check the condition of the heating system of the flat.
  4. In case you want a few changes or desire some repairs before you move in, will this be done prior to your stay? To whom will these requests be charged? Repair and maintenance should be clearly stated in your contract otherwise you may end up in argument with your landlord or letting agent before leaving your flat.
  5. Is there enough room for parking? This is a common problem in many flats. The room is great but when it comes to parking areas, all of which have been paid off by existing tenants. If this is not a major issue for you then you may disregard it but if you are going the tour the city with a vehicle in mind, then this is a very important element you should look out for in your flat.
  6. Who is managing the flat, the agent or the landlord? This is very important especially in dealing with complaints. You may have discovered it too late that your neighbor are always arguing in the middle of the night and needed it to be addressed accordingly. If you do not know the right person to contact then you will be enduring this frustration as long as you stay in the flat.
  7. Are pets allowed in the flat? There are some flats which prohibits animals in their rented areas so if you plan to bring a pet together with your holiday you must make sure you first check with the letting agency.

Please use our website to see immediately our currently available flats in york to rent, and please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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