How to find the perfect letting agent

There are various reasons why you would wish to rent a house or flat in York and without any doubt, the best way to deal with this task is through the excellent services of the perfect letting agency for your needs. You may initially be surprised just how many letting agents are offering their services online and you may end up in a daze after looking at their various offered services and rates. All of which may claim that they will give you the best value for money, but how can you be certain of this matter? You should certainly not pick at random but first take a look at a few factors which could mean the difference between content living in your ideal home, or utter chaos and disappointment.

letting-agent-choice-illustrationFactors to take into account when looking at potential letting agents include

  • Professional affiliations
  • The quality and comprehensiveness of services
  • Office location
  • Availability
  • Years of experience
  • Service rate


In as much as letting agents are not regulated by specific government statutory boards, there are several principles letting organizations for these letting agents which have specific codes of compliance controls and practices that are strictly implemented to guarantee the high degree of professionalism exemplified by their members. The most prominent organizations include the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) and the National Association of Estate Agents. Inquire if they are affiliated with these organizations and if they are then it gives you a degree of assurance with regards to their credibility.

Quality and Comprehensiveness of Services

Different letting agents offer various levels of service.  Some may only offer introductions to landlords who may cater to your required preferences while others may go to the extent of preparing the application forms, credit searches and rental fee payments. Decide which type of letting agent you wish to choose. Would it be a letting agency who will only do the search for the perfect flat or house for you or would you like an agency that also will handle all the necessary paper work for you?

Office Location

There are independent letting agents that carry out their work from home, therefore a fixed address and ‘real’ office location sends a message to clients that they are serious with the quality of services that they provide. However, this also implies the possible service rate they may charge. This may then leave you with the task of evaluating which to prioritize, quality or economy. Nevertheless, it is strictly a must that these letting agents have an office address for several reasons, including assurance they are established, experienced and will be there for you in case of any problems which may arise in the future.


It is more convenient for tenants if they can discuss matters with their letting agent 24/7. The least that tenants would want to experience is to suffer the inconveniences that go together with renting a place so it is absolutely important that letting agent offer the best communication methods. They should have working phone lines that are available for inquiries during the weekends in case their office is closed on these days. They should also have a webpage or an email address that is regularly read for possible inquiries coming from distant tenants.

Years of Experience

There are many letting agencies who have eventually developed into long running family businesses. They may not always be centrally located in prominent cities but their reputation, quality of service and ‘personal touch’ allow them to stay ahead and easily compete against the high numbers of commercialised chain letting agents.

Service Rates

Others often consider the rental rate as the top priority when looking for property to rent, but in finding the right letting agent, this should not always be. Most of the time, higher service rates are given by top letting agents because of the quality of service they provide. While others may tempt to entice you with cheap rates; you may soon end up in frustrations because of the hassles they may bring you.  All you need is one instance of a failed boiler during colder weather and find yourself in a position where it is impossible to contact your lettings agent due to the weekend or holiday period to be convinced you should have ensured they would always be available from the start, so check the above mentioned criteria first before proceeding with the rental rate that they charge so you can properly evaluate if they are giving a reasonable price for the service they will provide.

So to summarise if you find yourself in the position where you are looking for property to rent in York and unsure which letting agent to commit to, and remember it is a commitment, then by taking into account the points we’ve covered above you should find yourself totally satisfied with your choice of a Letting Agent in York.


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