New Homes in York

This month we have been excited to hear about some new property development in York.


Plans have been unveiled for 249 new homes on land off Hull Road, as York’s house-building boom gathers strength with Persimmon Homes developing the agricultural land across the road from B&Q.


The development of homes will range from one to four bedrooms and the scheme will include affordable housing. Some local people have raised concerns about traffic congestion within the area, as Hull Road is one of the main business routes into the York city centre, but as a whole, the development is being welcomed.


The proposal is just the latest in a series of schemes that are set to deliver more than 2,000 new homes in York, which include 1,100 on the former British Sugar site off Boroughbridge Road, 270 on the nearby former Civil Service Sports Ground, 60 on the former Del Monte site in Skelton, more than 200 at the former grain store at Clifton, 229 at the former Terry’s site and 650 at Germany Beck in Fulford.



With house prices and rent levels increasing within the city, the demand for new homes and affordable housing will be higher than ever. More houses are required to help address the supply and demand problems and these developments will go some way towards alleviating the housing shortage in our ever popular City of York.


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